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A few simple policies to keep our mail servers clean ensuring your emails make it to the inbox, not the spam box

To ensure our email system remains a high reputation email service by other mail servers and ensure your emails go into the users inbox and not their spam folder we have implemented usage policies for the protection of all our customers and their users.

Such policies are necessary to prevent entry onto blacklists or penalties against our SMTP system.

The policies provide for blocking the account at the SMTP level (all other features, including consultation of the emails are not blocked) if it is found abnormal activity of connection to the server or sending emails. Abnormal activity refers to a large number of SMTP authentications in a matter of minutes, continuous authentication of several separate IP addresses or sending messages that contain Spam / Phishing.

In any case, the block policy is designed not to come into operation during the regular use of email by the user using the classic instruments of communication and sending emails (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email client). The block will take effect if you try to use automated email delivery systems (such as Sendblaster or other top email delivery software) or if you are running mass email from your email client or webmail.

The Authenticated SMTP provided with the email hosting service is to be used with the following restrictions:

  1. That use is made by your email client (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email client) for sending direct interpersonal email
  2. It is not allowed to send to mailing lists via automated systems, newsletters or other bulk email methods.
  3. The maximum size of attachments that can be sent is 50MB (keeping in mind that many remote email boxes do not accept such large attachments)
  4. The maximum number of recipients (recipients) for each individual item is 150
  5. The maximum number of authentications within 30 minutes is 100-150 (varies depending on several factors)
  6. The maximum number of different IP addresses from which a user can perform authentications within 30 minutes is 5
  7. Any other kind of abuse, believed to impact the business of the other users may result in a temporary SMTP account lockout
  8. Messages must have a sender (From) that is an active domain of our mailing system

Taking into account the limits set above, there is a fixed maximum number of emails that can be sent per SMTP account of approximately 1000 / day. More than enough for just about any user, however if you are looking to use your email account/s to send high volume transactional emails via your website please contact us for higher volume options.

Locked accounts can be released from within the control panel.

If as a result of the release the issue should reoccur on the same user account the account will be blocked and will remain blocked until we receive an acknowledgement of the abuse interruption by the customer with confirmation of the resolution of the problem that caused sending email spam / phishing ( typically PC infected with viruses that the mailbox password is stealing ). Proper PC cleaning procedure involves removal of the Virus / Malware responsible for the theft of data and then changing the password associated with your email account. The account can then be reactivated to allow the sending of email once more.



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Last Updated: 05/10/2017
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