Website Maintenance in Thanet & East Kent

We'll keep your website secure, fast and trouble free

We don’t just look after WordPress sites. Take advantage of our discounted website maintenance rates, just without a few of the little perks we developed for WordPress.

All plans come with a free site audit and migration service to our hosting platform if you choose to host with us.

Let us look after your website so you can look after your business with the added knowledge you can contact us at any time you need support or just a few content updates, we’re there for you as much as you need us to be and at reduced hourly rates.

  • Basic
  • £4.95/ monthly
    • Small Monthly Retainer
    • 72 hours average job response time
    • No contract – cancel anytime (payment by Direct Debit)
    • Automatic £200 Monthly Credit Limit
    • Access to on demand development & maintenance

      @£35 per hour (Discounted Level I Hourly Rate)

    • A great choice for you if you very rarely need updates, but want the knowledge you have support setup and ready to go, just open a project ticket to get your update underway.

Reduced hourly rate
  • Level 1
  • £69.95/ monthly
    • 48 hours average job response time
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • 2 Hour of Development Included (unused hours roll over for 12 months)
    • Pro-active web regulation compliance advice as online legislation develops and changes
    • No contract – cancel anytime (payment by Direct Debit)
    • Automatic £200 Monthly Credit Limit
    • Access to on demand development & maintenance

      @£30 per hour (Discounted Level II Hourly Rate)

Business Choice & Best Value
  • Level 2
  • £129.95/ monthly
    • 24 hours average job response time
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • 4 Hours Of Development Included (unused hours roll over for 12 months)
    • Pro-active web regulation compliance advice as online legislation develops and changes
    • Your own unique priority support email directly into our support system
    • No contract – cancel anytime (payment by Direct Debit)
    • Free website hosting package upgrade when you sign up before the 1st July
    • Automatic £200 Monthly Credit Limit
    • Access to on demand development & maintenance

      @£25 per hour (Discounted Level III Hourly Rate – biggest discount)

As every website is unique it’s best to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs so we can confirm if we would be a good fit for managing your website.

Website Maintenance FAQ’s

How does on demand Development & Maintenance work?

Simple really, once we have used up your included hours, if you require further work, we will charge for any additional time at the reduced maintenance rate, this will either be £35, £30 or £25 per hour depending on your maintenance package.

You are free to pick the maintenance package that works best for your needs. In essence, we offer discounted prices for quantity.

Do I lose my hours if I don't use them?

No, we understand that you don’t always require changes to your site each month so your hours roll over for 12 months.

This means that the most hours possible to accrue would be 12 hours on the Total Security package or 24 hours on the Premium Support package.

It’s important to note that if you don’t have any work carried out for more than 12 months you would start to lose paid for hours, but if you don’t have any work carried out within 12 months we would probably suggest you consider a lower maintenance package.

The whole point of included hours is to offer hourly discounting in return for a commitment of time, not to charge you for time you don’t need.

How will I know how many hours I have available to me?

We maintain a spreadsheet that will be emailed to you once a month with a break down of used time, what it was used on and when plus a statement of your current available unused hours.

Any overage of time will be invoice to you separately.

How does 24/7 Uptime Monitoring work?

We automatically check your website is online every 5 minutes, if for any reason your site isn’t online we will automatically be notified allowing us to look into the issue before you or your customers were ever aware there was a problem.

Maintenance Terms & Conditions

A maintenance contract keeps your site up to date, which has all sorts of positive impacts, and it protects you from potential threats. From our point of view it keeps our servers better protected, and keeps our customers (you) online and happy.

We would like to be clear that if we developed your website you are in no way obligated to get a contract with us. The chances of your site being compromised are low. If it is compromised, the result is usually nothing more than a bit of spam or site defacement, and can be fixed with a couple of hours of development work providing adequate backups are in place. But it could result in catastrophic and irretrievable loss of data. The result is likely to include downtime, so if your website is very important (such as your catalogue, brochure, store front, or primary means of contact) you should definitely think about getting one.

Oh and when we say ‘contract’, we mean we will set it up as a monthly rollover payment for the sake of convenience, but you can cancel at any time and we will stop taking payments there and then (not including any payment you have already made).

Our Maintenance terms are as follows:

  1. If we created your website, we are not obligated to fix issues with your site due to 3rd party software that we have installed for you.
  2. Zero-day exploitation of a website (when a vulnerability is exploited and there is no solution for it yet) is not something we, or anyone else, can protect against. We can in no way be considered at fault in this event.
  3. We will email you when an update has been made. However it is up to you to confirm or deny that this is satisfactory. i.e. we will check it has worked, but will not test every single page of your website or payment gateways.
  4. Website maintenance will be performed during the first working week of every calendar month, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  5. We will back up and update the site’s WordPress installation. If there is an issue we will roll it back to before the update and spend up to 2 hours researching alternatives and various options based on your particular site. We will then give you some detail and consultation on what the best way forward is to get your site up to date and secure.
  6. Maintenance contracts do not cover you for any actual development work. We will not edit your website data or change any plugins or functionality, although some packages come bundled with development time that can be used for this purpose should you choose.
  7. On any contract, your site will be prioritised in the event of an issue, and we will provide high priority development at our standard development rate (as opposed to an emergency rate or lead time).
  8. In the event you update WordPress yourself without our knowledge and encounter a problem, benefits of being on a maintenance contract are void.
  9. In the event of a backup failure, hack or other exploitation we cannot be held financially liable for any loss or damages, our service is offered on a best effort basis and no guarantee is expressed or implied.
  10. Unused bundled maintenance hours roll over and remain valid for 12 months, at which time they can no longer be used against any work carried out.
  11. Maintenance packages when combined with the setup of a direct debit agreement include a small credit agreement to the value of £200 to allow small updates and alterations to be made without a delay. This credit can be used as an hourly itemised invoice of works carried out at your request above those hours included within your maintenance package and invoiced separately from your normal monthly subscriptions. All hours will be charged at your prevailing maintenance rate depending on the maintenance package you have chosen. Any used credit will be automatically collected by Direct Debit on the 1st of the month.
  12. If you wish to setup a higher credit limit, or to pay at your discretion with credit terms you will need to contact us to setup a separate credit agreement.
  13. Cancellation of your Direct Debit agreement will be taken as a cancellation of your maintenance contract and any unused hours will be lost, if there is any outstanding balance on your account we will request payment by alternative method to clear the balance.



The provision of work, services or products by ISLE CREATIVE is only undertaken on the understanding that you have read and accept these terms and conditions in full.

Right to Assign

This Agreement is personal to you and you may not assign it without our prior express written consent. Should you transfer ownership of the website as part of a transfer of ownership of a business then the new owners will need to come to a new agreement with Isle Creative.

Company Details

Isle Creative, a trading name of WebCentriX Ltd. Montpelier Villa, 6 Vicarage Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 1LH

Company Number Registered in England and Wales: 07957490

These terms shall be subject to English Law. Any and all matters pursuant to this agreement are governed by English Law and are under exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected.

You can view our full terms of business here

Last Updated: 05/10/2017
(Next Review: 10/2018)

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